December 19th 1936

Diary sub-note: Ember Day
1851. Turner, painter, died
S.R. 8.2, S.S. 3.53

Went for a long walk. Joan Francam came. Said goodbye to Mlle Pâsch & Miss Hope-Jones. Raphael & Madie & Rose went home for the hols.

Diary entry December 19th 1936

Diary footnote, accompanied by a photograph of two Samoyed: THE SAMOYED: The prototype of a group of dogs of thick coats and bushy tails carried curved over their backs, and related to the Këeshonde (the Dutch ‘barge dog’), Elkhound, and others. He takes his name fro an Esquimaux tribe of Siberia, who used him for sleighing (or ‘mushing’) in winter, and as a sheep dog in summer. They are noted for their longevity. They have been trained in this country to their natural task of sleigh-work, but this is actually against the law. The ‘huskies,’ famous in many an Arctic expedition, are their near relations.

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