Memoranda 3

The last section of this page is a mystery. Here is the text: Record“Love“ This could mean so many things. Perhaps it was a record she wanted to acquire, after she wrote her initial list. Whatever the reason, I find it apt that the last word Peggy wrote in her diary was “Love”, since itContinue reading “Memoranda 3”

Memoranda 2

The next section of text on the Memoranda page looks like the words to a song or poem that Peggy wrote. I can’t find reference to them online, so they don’t appear to be existing lyrics. Like the top section, they are crossed out, possibly indicating that it was a draft that she has copiedContinue reading “Memoranda 2”

Music Practice Register

Peggy recorded her music practice (or lessons) here. Monday to Thursday she was scheduled at 6.10 in the music room (Monday’s time looks like 16.10, but appears to be boxed in, creating the ‘1’). She had a day off on Fridays, and then had another practice scheduled on Saturdays at 11.30.

Switzerland Journal January 19th 1937

Jan: 19th Thanne. (*Thun)A very old town in the canton of Bern. The army of horses of Switzerland are kept there. At Thun there is a very beautiful old castle high up above the town. From the castle there is a lovely view overlooking the town & the lake of Thun. The streets are narrowContinue reading “Switzerland Journal January 19th 1937”


The next page in the back of Peggy’s diary is for her subject marks. She has filled it in for January, February and March 1936 with asterisks beside each of the following subjects: Arithmetic, English, Geography, Repetition, Piano (x4), drawing (x3), Order and Dorm. Presumably the categories she has stars for are her best areas.

Luckley School Timetable

Peggy filled in the ‘School Timetable’ page of the diary for her Lent term at Luckley school. On Mondays she had Gospel, Gym, Geometry, Geography, French and Science. Tuesdays: Drawing, Grammar, French, Arithmetic, German and Handicraft (practice). Wednesdays: Literature, Gym, Algebra, Singing, History and Games – Riding. Thursdays: History, Geometry, German, Composition, O.T (office typing?)Continue reading “Luckley School Timetable”