Knitting Pattern No 3

Next in her Switzerland journal, Peggy wrote out some knitting patterns. She may have been writing from the back of the notebook at this point, hence the 3rd pattern is shown first. A page of sketches later on shows that the knitting patterns are three different jumpers, numbers 2 and 3 of which are belted.

Sketch of Peggy’s school & landscape

Dated May 23rd (presumably 1937), Peggy sketched a landscape view, above a line-drawing of her school building in Switzerland. The landscape is entitled: ‘View from La Majolaine, Geneva’, and she has labelled various notable landmarks: Les Voirons (mountain), Cologny (municipality), L’aiguille verte (mountain), Le Mole (mountain), Mont Blanc (mountain), Petit Salève (mountain).There are also boatsContinue reading “Sketch of Peggy’s school & landscape”

Switzerland Journal April 12th 1937 (5)

The Hall of the Princes. This is a colossal hall made in different coloured marble. It is a monument to the Medicis. The hall is modern, in fact the floor isn’t yet finnished[sic]. There are the tombs & statues of the different Medicis. Round the walls there are the crests of the different towns whichContinue reading “Switzerland Journal April 12th 1937 (5)”

Switzerland Journal April 12th 1937 (4)

Accademia di Bella ArtiWe didn’t have time to see the whole of the Academy, but we saw the main “Chef d’oeuvres”. One of the chief works of Michaelangelo is the statue, the Pieta. He has done two, one of which is in St Peter’s at Rome & the other in this academy. He has signedContinue reading “Switzerland Journal April 12th 1937 (4)”

Switzerland Journal April 12th 1937 (3)

Florence.Florence, (or, in Italian”Firenze”) is a lovely old town with the river Arno running through it. It has a cathedral & lots of bridges. The most famous of the bridges is the Ponti Vecchio & it is very narrow with shops on it & a picture gallery running over the shops. The Cathederal [sic] isContinue reading “Switzerland Journal April 12th 1937 (3)”

Switzerland Journal April 12th 1937 (2)

Rome (cont:) Customs.In Rome there are different customs & habits.One has to walk on certain parts of the street. If you are going up the street you have to go one side & if you are going down, you have to go the other side. The policemen are very strict about this.Nearly all the menContinue reading “Switzerland Journal April 12th 1937 (2)”

Switzerland Journal April 12th 1937

From Rome to Florence.As we travelled north from Rome, the scenery changed. The hills grew into mountains & there wasn’t much cultivation. We saw hardly any flowers. But because we saw no flowers, it doesn’t mean that there wasn’t any colour _ No! If anything there was more colour than we should find in manyContinue reading “Switzerland Journal April 12th 1937”