January 15th 1936

Dairy sub-note: 1759. British Museum opened Went to Pangbourne. Mummie met me at the station. Drawing room been made into sitting room. Uncle Mac went to Mrs Milner’s cocktail party. Had the gramophone on until 10 o.clock. Went to bed. Peggy’s mother lived in Pangbourne, and her son would go to boarding school there 26Continue reading “January 15th 1936”

January 14th 1936

Diary sub-note: 1742. Halley, astronomer, died Went skating. Had gramophone on. Had a lesson with Mr Gregory. Went back by bus alone with Joy. Met Rosemary Young. Ann & Charlie Fisher came to dinner. Went to see ‘Espionage’. According to my research, the film Espionage wasn’t released until 1937, but I can’t find any otherContinue reading “January 14th 1936”

January 12th 1936

Dairy sub-note: 1st [Sunday] after Epiphany1746. Pestalozzi, teacher, born Went to French & English service. Went to “Vielle D’armes” with Mrs Schlund & Pierre. Waited 3/4 hour in queue while it rained. Pierre went back to Saint Germain. Mrs Schlund helped me to pack my trunk. Took photos of Pierre. Veille d’armes was a 1935Continue reading “January 12th 1936”

January 11th 1936

Dairy sub-note: Hilary Law Sittings begin1753. Sir Hans Sloane, physician, diedS.R. 8.3, S.S. 4.12 Went to Musée Victor Hugo. Poured with rain. Pierre came in time for dinner. Pierre & Mrs Schlund went to a film. I had on the wireless until 9.30 & then went to bed. Diary footnote, accompanying a photograph of anContinue reading “January 11th 1936”

January 10th 1936

Dairy sub-note: 1778. Linnaeus, naturalist, died Went to museum at Château de Saint Germain. Went to see Pierre. Pierre went in for verbial [sic] exam. Took photos of mlle Margerite & Mrs Schlund. Went to see “La Fugue de Mariette” (Naughty Marietta). We assume she means ‘verbal’, not ‘verbial’.

January 1st 1936

Diary sub-note: New Year’s Day. Bank Holiday in ScotlandDog and Annual Motor Licences renewable 1909. Old Age Pensions inaugurated. Moon: First Quarter, 3.15pm. “7.30 got up. Took Diane out. Went to the Bastille & Musée Grévin with Mrs Schlund. Pierre’s friend came. Had on the wireless after dinner.”