My Friends’ Birthdays

Here Peggy recorded people’s birthdays. They are as follows:E. Hart. Jan 10thS Boileau. Jan 10thP.D. Miller. Feb 17thE. Fanshawe. Feb 18thA. Cochrane. Feb 25thP. Robertson. Feb 21stA. Harrison. Feb 26thS. Kemble. August October 10thA. Bourne. August 13thP. U. Miller. March 2ndL. Le Mesurier. March 13thMrs. Bourne. Feb 23rd.

February 22nd 1936

Diary sub-note: 1916. Battle of Verdun begunNew Moon, 6.42 p.m.S.R. 7.3, S.S. 5.26 My birthday. Lost the East Berks match 12-6. Mummy couldn’t come on account of Uncle Mac’s illness. Daddie, Andy & Joy came with the cinema. Had a watch from Daddie & a book from Joy & another from mummy. Had a broochContinue reading “February 22nd 1936”