Sketch of Peggy’s school & landscape

Dated May 23rd (presumably 1937), Peggy sketched a landscape view, above a line-drawing of her school building in Switzerland. The landscape is entitled: ‘View from La Majolaine, Geneva’, and she has labelled various notable landmarks: Les Voirons (mountain), Cologny (municipality), L’aiguille verte (mountain), Le Mole (mountain), Mont Blanc (mountain), Petit Salève (mountain).
There are also boats on the lake, of varying sizes. At the bottom, she has written ‘Lac Lèman or Lake Geneva’.

The sketch of the schoolhouse is titled ‘La Marjolaine from the lake side’. On it, she has labelled ‘My room & balcony’, ‘Bedrooms’, ‘Classroom’, ‘Verandah’, ‘Bathroom’, ‘Balcony’, ‘Mlle Hartmann’s study’, ‘Mlle Hartmann’s bedroom’, ‘Classroom’, ‘Door’, and ‘Dining room’.

Sketches of Peggy’s schoolhouse and local scenery

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