Switzerland Journal April 12th 1937 (3)

Florence, (or, in Italian”Firenze”) is a lovely old town with the river Arno running through it. It has a cathedral & lots of bridges. The most famous of the bridges is the Ponti Vecchio & it is very narrow with shops on it & a picture gallery running over the shops.

The Cathederal [sic] is a huge place, built, (on the outside) entirely of different marbles. It has a lovely dome & a big tower. This tower is not attached to the Cathederal [sic] itself, it is about 1 1/2 yards away. The Cathederal [sic] has some lovely rose windows & a lovely dome. We heard a short service when we went there.

The Baptistery is really a part of the Cathederal [sic], but it stands in the middle of the square. It is just a dome with the most wonderful roof of pictures & a background of gold.

The Palazzo Vecchio is an old palace of the Medici family. It is very big & holds many quite valuable paintings & sculptures. From its tower, Galileo first had the idea that the earth went round the sun.

Santa Croce is a church. Its face is of different marbles on an old body. It was begun by Arnolfo di Cambio. In front of this church there is a lovely statue of Dante. Within Santa Croce there are the tombs of Dante, Michaelangelo, Machiavelli & Galileo.

St Marko is an old monastery built for the Silverstrine monks. In 1430 it was transferred to the Dominicans. It was rebuilt by one of the Medicinis, who asked Fra Angelico to decorate the walls. From 1490 – 1498 the great Dominican preacher _ Savonarola lived there.

Switzerland journal April 12th 1937
Switzerland journal April 12th 1937
Switzerland journal April 12th 1937

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