Switzerland Journal April 6th 1937

Monaco is a town built on a Rock jutting out to sea. Although it is on the Riviera, it has (with Monte-Carlo) a Principality of its own. The Prince has his palace there. There is a cathederal[sic] & a museum at Monaco. The museum is Oceanographic & the biggest in the world of its kind, it was founded by Albert 1st in 1919. Albert 1st was the reigning Prince of Monaco at the time.
Monaco has also its own stamps, soldiers & police force. The soldiers are dressed in blue & red uniforms & very picturesque.

Monte-Carlo is the only other town in the principality of Monaco. It is situated at the foot of the rock on which Monaco is built, & spreads along the coast. At Monte-Carlo there is the world’s most famous Casino. From the terraces of this Casino there is supposed to be one of the finest views in the world _ over looking the mediterranean[sic] & the rock of Monaco. One can see the Italian frontier also from Monte-Carlo. There are the most beautiful gardens full of bright coloured flowers & trees.
There is only one thing that keeps Monte-Carlo from being most probably the happiest & sunniest town in the world _ & that is the Casino, where people go to throw away their money on gambelling[sic].
Monte-Carlo is 40 mins bus ride from Nice, & the road follows the coast the whole way along.

Switzerland journal April 6th 1937
Switzerland journal April 6th 1937
Switzerland journal April 6th 1937

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