Switzerland Journal November 19th 1936

Thurs: Nov. 19. Neuchâtel. A town at the head of a lake and county* of that name. It is a very old town with a beautiful castle and catherderal[sic]. There are remains of an old Romain[sic] wall there.

Morat.** Murten is a little town on the route Geneva – Neuchâtel. It is an old Romain[sic] town – half French and half German. There is a lovely old Gateway & church which were built by the Romains [sic].
This part of Switzerland is very beautiful. It is in the mountains – Jura & the little villages are very picturesque. Oxen are employed here instead of horses. There are lots of old Romain remains all over these counties – Benn, Vand, Friburg and Neuchatel. A few of the little towns are renowned for a battle.

*The member states of the Swiss confederation are called Cantons. Neuchâtel is one of the six French speaking cantons of Switzerland.

**Morat is the Swiss name for Murten. Murten is a Medieval town. It’s unclear why Peggy has added in an ‘i’ to the spelling of Roman.

Switzerland journal November 19th 1936
Switzerland journal page

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