Switzerland journal October 1st 1936

Annemasse. A very pretty town in France, the opposite direction from Ferney. Is situated at the foot of a mountain. About 2 kilometers away from the French customs on the border.

Geneva. (Genève) An International town situated at the west (the beginning) of Lake Léman, where the river Rhône joins the lake. The League of Nations is there. Geneva has the biggest water spout in Europe – La Jet d’Eau. Geneva is a gateway into Switzerland. It is surrounded by the Jura mountains. The Red Cross Association was started in Geneva. The British Delegates for the League stay at the Carlton Parc Hotel, on a hill opposite the new League Palace. Geneva is visited by many well known & Great People.

Switzerland journal October 1st 1936
Switzerland journal October 1st 1936

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British author and voiceover.

One thought on “Switzerland journal October 1st 1936

  1. Having lived in Geneva for 13 years, I know all about that awful wind (Sept 29th). As Betts wrote, it’s pronounced ‘bees’ – but the spelling is in fact BISE!

    Love, Jean (cousin)


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