February 22nd 1936

Diary sub-note: 1916. Battle of Verdun begun
New Moon, 6.42 p.m.
S.R. 7.3, S.S. 5.26

My birthday. Lost the East Berks match 12-6. Mummy couldn’t come on account of Uncle Mac’s illness. Daddie, Andy & Joy came with the cinema. Had a watch from Daddie & a book from Joy & another from mummy. Had a brooch from Andy & letters from Mrs Baure, Marjory. Nance sent me a photo of her & Jean.

Diary entry February 22nd 1936

Diary footnote, accompanying a photograph of a Bloodhound: The Bloodhound. The oldest member of the hound group, closely approaching the ‘St. Hubert’ of the sixth century. All the hound characteristics of scent and ‘speaking to the line’ very pronounced, but is the only one to hunt man; not, as popularly supposed, to pull him down, but merely to ‘bay’ him. His large, pendulous ears and chaps are reminiscent of the old Southern Foxhound, his cousin. He is dignified and morose, but, in spite of fiction writers, he is not savage by nature.

‘Nance’ was Peggy’s cousin. Here’s a photo of Peggy and her sister Joy, with Nancy.

Nancy, Peggy and Joy.

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